About us

Our dear readers,

We are a team of young enthusiasts: sociologists, political scientists, journalists, and experts in the field of telecommunication united by joint views, ideas and dreams. Despite the fact that we are from different corners of the world, we have a possibility, thanks to modern IT, to reach the purpose for which we are united, namely, to cover events in the world objectively. We are ready to work for the benefit of our readers, constantly improving our skills, involving in discussions experts and citizens.

Dominique CARRON Amélie MARTIN
Français Belge
Janvier 5, 1994 April 26, 1999
Université Paul-Valéri Montpellier, Sociologie de la Communication et des Médias study at: KU Leuven
Histoire et Sociologie, Communications, Médias, Public Relations.
Hobby: social content creation, social studies, public opinion.
Barbara BÖRGERS Arthur RAY
Die Deutsche British
Am 26. Dezember 1997 October 18, 1995
EUROPÄISCHE MEDIEN- UND BUSINESS-AKADEMIE (EMBA) Kommunikations- und Medienmanagement Angewandte Medien Study: Master of International Affairs
Interessire für Mediengeschäft, Medieneinfluss für Geopolitik, suggestive Psychologe Global governance, Sustainable development, Technologies, Media, Sport