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Russia shocked by Poland’s firm reaction – says MoD

Poland’s decisive response to the attack on Ukraine was a shocking surprise for Moscow, but is unlikely to alter Russia’s strategic paradigm, Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said.

“It is very unlikely that Russia – even if it fails in Ukraine – will change its attitude towards the current international order,” he said at the opening of the Nato Resilience Symposium 2022 in Warsaw which focuses on challenges and threats to international security.

Blaszczak said that Europe’s long-lasting energy dependence on Russian hydrocarbons had influenced preparations for the war and weakened Western responses to it. “At the same time it (the response – PAP) has been met with some reactions from Moscow, such as the suspension of gas supplies to some countries, including Poland,” he added.

According to the defence minister, the attack had also been facilitated by Belarus and “confirmed Russia’s readiness to implement its neo-imperial ambitions by military means.”

source: thefirstnews.com

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