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Journalists died as a result of shelling by the Russian military

FoxNews TV channel cameraman Pierre Zakrevsky and Ukrainian journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova died following artillery shelling of Russian occupiers in the city of Gorentsy near Kiev.

Before this, FoxNews journalist Benjamin Hall has been injured.

This is not the first case of the Russian military attacking foreign and Ukrainian journalists covering events in Ukraine:

– the Russian military killed journalist Brent Renaud in Irpen, who worked for the American Time. His colleague, The New York Times photojournalist Juan Arredondo, was injured. Renaud has been working on the TIME Studios project on the global refugee crisis.

-Czech Voxpot reporters along with Ukrainian media staff came under fire in Makariv city near of Kyiv. Shots from an AK-74 were found on the car door.

-the Russian military fired on foreign journalists near the village of Stoyanka in Kyiv Oblast. It was reported that media staff immediately jumped out of the car and hid in the nearest shelter, where they were evacuated by employees of the Bucha District Police Department.

-on February 26, near Zelenivka village (a suburb of Kherson) a civilian journalist of the information weekly “Navkolo tebe” (“Around You”) Dillerbek Shakirov was shot dead from a car.

-correspondent of the Radio Liberty Maryan Kushnir was injured in a rocket attack near Kyiv. Military medics and Baryshivka city medics provided medical assistance to the correspondent.

-the Russian military fired on and robbed a car carrying journalist of Hromadske TV Victoria Roshchina. According to Victoria, she came across a column of Russian tanks in the Zaporozhye region when she was in car with driver.

-Ukrainian military journalist from Lviv region Viktor Dudar died during battles with Russian invaders near Mykolayiv. In 2014, he volunteered for the East of Ukraine. He fought in the 80th Assault Brigade.

In addition, the occupiers are constantly trying to fire on TV towers. One example is that the Russian military staged a strike on the Kyiv TV tower, killing five people and injuring five others. One of the dead was Yevhen Sakun, the operator of the LIVE TV channel.

There are no restrictions for the Russian military and they do not fell themselves subject to international law. They shoot constantly and do not even select the target, whether children or journalists. Surely, each of them will eventually be punished for their crimes.

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