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Putin`€™s despair: the threat of using nuclear weapons against NATO states

In the context of withering attack of the Russian army in Ukraine (as of February 27, 2022, more than 5000 Russian soldiers died, Russia carefully hides this information), V. Putin made a video address ordering nuclear deterrence forces turn into the high-alert mode. As a justification for this decision he said that “€œfor the last time the NATO member states express unfriendly rhetoric against the Russian Federation.”

€ We should mention that those having the access to the so-called “€œnuclear briefcases”€ are the President of the Russia Federation, Head of the Ministry of Defence, and Head of the National Staff. Apparently, Putin is ready to pay any costs to pursue his aims in Ukraine. The crucial point is now, as far as Kremlin upped the ante to the maximum threatening NATO states with nuclear war. This fact makes the military invasion of Russia so dangerous as never before as the threat of the nuclear war makes all the parties lose.

The world community made its best to let Kremlin dictator down, but it is a time now to stress the final topics and show that the collective West is not going to tolerate threatening with nuclear weapons. Hence came the defining moment in Russian military aggression against Ukraine – it reached the international global level and should meet response according to the international law and Hague tribunal. From now, Putin is positioning himself as an international criminal and makes Russia an aggressor state. NATO states shall give adequate and legally justified response to threat accusations from their part.

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