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Polish deputy PM: Poland to become independent of Russia’s gas within a year

A Polish deputy prime minister has stated that Poland is ready for the possibility of Russia cutting off gas supplies to Poland.

“Our gas storages are 80-90 percent full,” Jacek Sasin, who is also the state assets minister, said on Sunday, adding that, within the coming year, Poland would be able to become fully independent of Russian gas.

“This is completely different from the situation in other countries, which, to a considerable degree, depend on Russian gas, like, for instance, Germany,” Sasin said.

“This poses a potential threat to Europe,” he added.

Sasin explained that Poland had for years been building a gas infrastructure, which had been increasing its energy security. He added he was speaking about the gas terminal in Swinoujscie, north-western Poland, the construction of Baltic Pipe, “which was nearing its end,” and other gas connections.

“This gives us hope that, within the coming year, we will be able to become independent of Russian gas, either in a considerable degree or nearly completely,” Sasin stated.

“The threats (of cutting off gas supplies – PAP) are feasible. Poland is prepared for such scenario,” he said, adding that the situation in Europe was worse.


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