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Security issues on the agenda: Andrzej Duda and Boris Johnson had a one-to-one meeting in Warsaw

Poland and the UK share their support for deterrence and the need for a “strong reaction” when it comes to the Ukraine crisis, a Polish presidential official has said following a meeting between the Polish president and the British prime minster.

Andrzej Duda and Boris Johnson had a one-to-one meeting in Warsaw on Thursday with security issues on the agenda as fears of a Russian attack on Ukraine grow by the day.

Following the meeting, Jakub Kumoch, head of the Polish president’s international affairs office, said that it was “a meeting of two countries that understand each other perfectly” and that the message of the meeting was “very clear.”

“Poland and Great Britain are countries that differ on practically nothing in the assessment of the situation around Ukraine – they are supporters of deterrence, a strong reaction, they approach the security structure in Europe very responsibly,” Kumoch was cited i a press release as saying.

According to a 10 Downing Street press release, the British prime minister noted during the meeting with Duda “the important role Poland plays as a valued partner and ally on Nato’s front line.”

Johnson also emphasised the need for Nato allies to speak with one voice against Russia’s hostile actions, according to his office.

The two leaders agreed that their allies must continue working on a package of sanctions in the event of any further hostility, the statement said.

They also underlined the need for European countries to reconsider the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if conflict breaks out.

The two also discussed the steps that could be taken to de-escalate the situation and find a diplomatic solution to the crisis on the Ukrainian border.

source: thefirstnews.com

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