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Greece: an employee and nurse dismissed for issuance of fake vaccination certificates

An administrative employee and a nurse charged in connection with the issuance of fraudulent inoculation documents from a health center in the city of Karditsa in central Greece were dismissed from their jobs, the Health Ministry said.

The dismissal came after a disciplinary hearing held by the Health Region of Thessaly and Central Greece on Thursday. 

The administrative employee at the Palamas health center is accused of gaining access to the electronic platform and registering people as vaccinated, while the nurse of using one of the forged inoculation documents. 

A total of 48 people have been charged in connection with the scandal, five of which, believed to be the ringleaders of the group, are accused of forming a criminal gang. All 48 individuals are burdened by additional charges of money laundering, active and passive bribery, issuing false certificates and forgery.

At least 34 fake certificates have been issued by the center.

Source: Kathimerini

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