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Denmark to send additional forces to Baltics in response to Russia’s actions – media

Denmark is responding to Russia’s military build-up on the Ukrainian border by strengthening the defence capabilities in the Baltics, ERR, the Estonian public broadcaster, reported.

On Monday, the Danish parliament agreed to send four additional F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania and a naval frigate with a crew of 160 people to patrol the Baltic Sea.

The fighter jets will be based at Lithuania‘s Šiauliai airbase, along with eight other Danish planes that are already stationed there as part of the NATO Air Patrolling unit.

According to Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard, Danish ambassador to Estonia, the country’s offer to strengthen defence capabilities in the Baltics was welcomed by NATO.

“There is very strong support in the Danish Parliament for all efforts in the Baltic Sea,” ERR quoted Miskowiak Beckvard as saying.

“Many times we have seen unity on this topic in Denmark and this is, of course, because we are talking about our own security interests too. We are talking about our own neighbourhood,” she added.

In her words, the step aims to demonstrate NATO’s unity and counter Russia’s aggressive actions near the Ukrainian border.

“We are currently seeing aggressive and threatening behaviour from the Russian side and, indeed, actually since [the annexation of] Crimea in 2014, so we are maintaining our defence. We are only responding,” Miskowiak Beckvard said.

Source: LRT

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