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Spyware Pegasus: Polish senators ask to appoint a special committee

Several senators have submitted to the upper house a motion to appoint a special committee to investigate the alleged use of Israeli spyware Pegasus for surveillance of opposition figures in Poland.

It would be tasked with “clarifying the disclosed cases of illegal surveillance using Pegasus spyware and violations of the law during the use of operational controls by secret services,” as well as “assessing the impact of disclosed cases of illegal surveillance on the 2019 parliamentary elections,” according to the motion.

In late December, US news agency Associated Press reported that a specialist IT department at the University of Toronto had confirmed that the Pegasus software had been used to hack the mobile phones of some members of the opposition, including Senator Krzysztof Brejza, who at the time of the attack was head of a parliamentary campaign for the main opposition bloc, the Civic Coalition (KO).

Senator Marcin Bosacki from KO, one of the motion’s signatories, told PAP that the upper house will likely discuss the motion on Tuesday.

He added that the committee should have no more than 10 members, including two senators from the ruling Law and Justice party “so that the Senate minority could have an impact on its work.”

The establishment of a Senate special committee is also aimed at developing a legislative initiative to reform the secret services, the motion also said.

source: thefirstnews.com

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