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PM says Belarus border crisis is new type of war

The prime minister, speaking in the Estonian capital of Tallinn on Sunday, said that Europe is dealing with a new type of war: a war in which migrants are a weapon, in which disinformation is a weapon, a hybrid war.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki arrived in Estonia on Sunday morning, where he met with the head of the Estonian government, Kaji Kallas.

The Polish Prime Minister emphasised at a post-meeting press conference that today we are dealing with a new type of war on the eastern border of Poland. “A war in which migrants are weapons, in which disinformation is a weapon, a hybrid war,” Morawiecki said.

The prime minister pointed out that looking at what was happening around us, we were dealing with several growing crises. “The first crisis is a political crisis in which people from the Middle East are being used as human shields”.

Secondly, he added, we are also dealing with an energy crisis, a gas crisis. “Thirdly, we can clearly see, reported by agencies from around the world, Russia’s growing military involvement in this part of Europe, in particular around Ukraine,” the prime minister added.

“We can clearly see that the pressure on the eastern flank of NATO, on the eastern border of the EU is increasing more and more. That is why cooperation with our allies is so valuable, as here today in Estonia, where we not only exchanged opinions, but the Prime Minister would like to warmly thank the Prime Minister for the help offered in the form of the Border Guard and Estonian officers who will support our guards in the defence of the Polish-Belarusian border,” Morawiecki said.

The Estonian Prime Minister, Kaji Kallas, said that she “thanked Poland for protecting the external borders of the European Union and NATO,” and added that “Poland has done brilliantly”.

“Estonia’s security begins at the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia,” said Kallas. “We are very grateful to Poland for defending these borders,” she added. “We support our neighbours, and we are also helping them to deal with the situation, in particular through diplomatic and political support”.

Kallas also added that Estonia was “ready to offer Poland practical support”.

source: thefirstnews.com

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