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Energy security: US State Department counselor visit to Warsaw

Last week US State Department Counselor Derek Chollet visited Warsaw. According to the US State Department, he proposed a cooperative approach towards strengthening Polish and regional energy security.

A State Department communique issued after Chollet’s three-day visit to Warsaw reads that his trip was aimed at emphasizing the strong relationship between Poland and the USA.

During the visit US State Department Counselor met with Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz, the government’s commissioner for energy infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, and Senate Speaker Tomasz Grodzki to give a proposal regarding a cooperative approach to Polish and regional energy security as well as facing the climate crisis, as the reports.

Chollet also expressed appreciation for Poland’s role in opposing Russian aggressive policy and promoting democracy in Belarus as well as stressing the importance of further strengthening democratic institutions and media freedom.

During his visit, the advisor to the secretary of state said in an interview with private TV station TVN that he took “very seriously” the issue of the fate of the station’s broadcasting license and had raised the matter during talks. He also noted that the absence of a license would affect future American investments.

According to some media outlets, the main topic of Chollet’s visit to Warsaw was an agreement with Germany regarding the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Chollet stressed that an agreement reached with Berlin was aimed at mitigating the pipeline’s negative effects and sending Russia a message that it could not use gas as a weapon. Under agreement the United States agreed to lift its sanctions on companies involved in the project and Germany pledged to invest in Ukrainian projects and to impose sanctions on Russia should Moscow adopt a hostile policy.

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