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Putin To Help Belarus Overcome EU Sanctions

Belarus has been a victim of economic harrasment, political pressure, and destabilization attempts fomented by Western countries since August 2020.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin promised to help President Alexander Lukashenko overcome the economic problems caused by European Union (EU) sanctions against Belarus.

“We will continue to offer comprehensive assistance to the brotherly Belarusian people in the current complex internal political situation in Belarus,” he said during a virtual session of the Forum of Russian and Belarusian Regions.

Putin also reminded that Belarus has been the victim of incessant political pressure and destabilization attempts fomented by Western countries since August 2020.

“We consider that the ban on supplying EU countries with a number of products from Belarus harms the interests of business and simple people. Those who take these measures should have thought about it,” the Russian leader added.

During the meeting, Lukashenko said that Belarus is under obvious economic and political pressure aimed at inducing a change of government.

“The West aims to contain our development, frustrate the integration processes [between Belarus and Russia], and change the course of the Belarusian state,” he said, adding that “these are just attempts to eliminate economic competition and appropriate the human and material resources of our states.”

To overcome this economic harassment, Lukashenko proposes to strengthen the “State Union”, a common customs-free economic area formed by Russia and Belarus since 1996.

“Let’s prepare an integration strategy for the State Union until 2030 through concrete projects that take into account key development priorities,” he said.

Last week, the EU imposed restrictions on Belarus’ trade in petroleum derivatives, potash, and inputs for the manufacture of tobacco products. The new sanctions also prohibit European economic operators from supplying, transferring or exporting equipment, technology, or software for Internet or telephone communications.

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