EC to help find environmental-friendly solution regarding Baltic Pipe

The European Commission declared readiness to help find a solution regarding the Baltic Pipe in full compliance with the relevant environmental protection regulations. In late May, Denmark withdrew its environmental permit for the construction of this gas pipeline.

“The Baltic Pipe Project is a European Project of Common Interest (PCI) that aims to help the EU meet its energy and climate policy goals; affordable, secure and sustainable energy for all citizens. The project has received a grant of EUR 215 mln from Facility Connecting Europe,” said Tim McPhie, a spokesman of the European Commission.

“Projects of common interest must comply with all relevant EU and national environmental legislation. The environmental permitting process for this onshore gas pipeline in Denmark is the responsibility of the Danish national authorities. The European Commission stands ready to assist the parties in finding a solution to this issue, in full respect of the relevant environmental legislation,” the spokesman added.

On Thursday, the Danish transmission system operator Energinet announced that the Danish Environmental and Food Appeals Committee had revoked the environmental permit for the Baltic Pipe pipeline, which is to carry gas from Norway via Denmark to Poland.

According to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, it must conduct additional studies necessary to assess whether the investment may destroy or damage breeding sites or resting places of the endemic species of mice and bats in the onshore part of the planned part of the gas pipeline through Jutland and the islands of Funen and Zealand.

Referring to the decision of Danish authorities, deputy foreign minister Paweł Jabłoński pointed out that the revocation only applies to the Danish section of the Baltic Pipe.

“In the remaining sections, works are continuing as planned. There are many indications that work on the Danish section will be suspended only temporarily until the Danish investor meets the environmental and legal requirements,” he added.

The gas pipeline is to be ready in autumn 2022. It is not known yet whether the project will be delayed.

Source: PolandIn

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