Another attack of Russian hackers on the United States

JBS, the world’s largest beef and pork supply company, fell victim to a ransomware attack and was forced to suspend its operations in the United States. This is another attack of this type on companies of strategic importance to the United States over a month.

The meat processing company fell victim to a cyberattack with a Russian trace. Hacking of computer systems mean growing difficulties in bringing meat to Australia, Canada and the United States. This is the second time during a month that such a major ransomware attack associated with Russia has targeted US citizens.

The situation is so complex that it disrupts the food supply chain. This will lead to serious supply problems in some stores and likely to significantly increased prices in others.

JBS, headquartered in Brazil, has over 150 factories worldwide and approximately 150,000 employees. The company is the largest meat processor in the world and holds a key position in the US market. It supplies 25 percent of beef, about 20 percent goes to US consumers.

Criminals hacked into the company’s IT systems, blocking access by encrypting data. In return, they required a high ransom to unblock them. The amount has not been specified, but it is known that recently, in a similar situation, the American pipeline operator paid about $ 4.4 million to restore access to its IT network.

The attack resulted in termination of meat processing plants in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Texas. In addition, JBS’s performance in Australia and Canada also suffered, as Stockxpro reports.

Meat market analysts said the plant’s shut down following the JBS hack could soon lead to higher consumer prices, which have soared this year due to strong demand and a limited labor market. “Even one day of outage will have a significant impact on the beef market and beef wholesale prices,” said analysts at Steiner Consulting Group researching the meat industry.

The FBI has launched an investigation into the cyber attack, in which the highest government officials were involved. The United States sent an official letter to the Russian government regarding the attack, which indicates that the Russian group’s trace is not just the brainchild of cybersecurity experts.

According to Bloomberg sources, the hacker group REvil, also known as Sodinokibi stays behind the attack on JBS. Recently it announced hacking of Taiwanese supplier Apple, which produces MacBooks for the corporation.

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