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Russia targets American diplomats with new directed energy weapon

‘Havana Syndrome’ is a result of Soviet microwave weapons technologies used in the 1970s.

According to new reporting from The New York Times, over 130 American diplomats, troops and other US departments’ personnel working overseas have been diagnosed with brain damage. The incidents have been registered for 5 years. In particular, the staff of the CIA, the US Department of State and the Department of Defense has been stricken with the syndrome. Primarily, US diplomats in China and Cuba reported 60 confirmed cases of health problems. Subsequently, the syndrome case geography has expanded to the Europe and Asia, Robert Lansing Institute reports.

The severity of the brain injuries ranges from headaches to suicide attempts.

In 2016, the US Embassy staff in Havana complained of dizziness and headaches for the first time. Canadian diplomats in Cuba and American officials in China reported the similar symptoms. The symptoms are dubbed Havana Syndrome.

In May 2021, Politico reported that the US intelligence agencies suspected Russian intelligence of ‘directed-energy’ attacks on US government officials. These attacks could be carried out with Russian developments of pulsed microwave weapons of the second half of the last century.

Robert Lansing Institute notes that the first reports of microwave attacks date back to the 1960s, when the US Embassy in Moscow experienced microwave radiation. Those events were explained by attempts to suppress electronic intelligence equipment in the embassy building. At that period of time an extremely high level of cancers was diagnosed among the US Embassy staff in Moscow.

In the 1970s, the CIA said the Soviet Union conducted a study on the microwaves effect on living organisms as part of mind-control technologies work.

A 1976 document mentions a development enabling to change behavior, disorient troops or diplomatic personnel, and be used in interrogation.

The document attracts attention to the connection between use of waves with change body chemistry, and functioning of the brain resulting from exposure of microwaves and other frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. The report said that another x potential antipersonnel use of microwaves could be based on their effect on the blood-brain barrier, which regulates the exchange of vital substances between brain cells and the circulatory system. As the result of this an individual could develop severe neuropathological (nerve disorder) symptoms and either die or become seriously impaired neurologically. The report – entitled “Biological effects of Electromagnetic radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries’ – was prepared by the Army Medical Intelligence and Information Agency and approved for publication by DIA.

One of the experiments comprised synchronizing microwaves with the frog’s heart beating with subsequent rhythm change as a result of focusing waves in the reptile’s abdominal cavity.

In 1961, Allan Frey, an American biologist, found that irradiating a human head with microwaves could produce the sensation of sound – even from thousands of feet away. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union developed a technology to transmit commands through microwaves that were focused on the target.

Here are symptoms occurred at persons with the Havana syndrome:

1. Noises: Chirping, ringing or grinding noises were heard at night, during episodes reportedly triggering health problems, by many diplomats. Some reported that sounds were localized with laser like precision; or said the sounds seemed to follow them (within the territory in which they were perceived). Pulsed RF/MW engenders just these apparent “sounds” via the “Frey effect.” Perceived “sounds” differ by head dimensions and pulse characteristics, and can be perceived as located behind, in or above the head. Ability to hear the “sounds” depends on high frequency hearing and low ambient noise. Pulsed RF/MW in the 2.4-10,000MHz range produces perceived noises that resemble sounds “such as a click, buzz, hiss, knock, or chirp”–just as diplomats report.

Lasers are electromagnetic radiation (EMR). One diplomat said that the sound seemed to follow him within the space in which it was heard. Frey “sounds” are also reported to follow the person, often perceived as slightly behind the head, regardless of the body orientationrelative to the source of radiation. The physics of EMR is, to the contrary, compatible: lasers are themselves focused EMR. Tautologically, EMR can be focused in “laser-like” fashion.

2. Symptoms: Hearing loss and tinnitus are prominent in affected diplomats – and in RF/MW-affected individuals. Sleep problems, headaches, and cognitive problems. Sensations of pressure or vibration. Both encompass vision, balance and speech problems, and nosebleeds. Brain injury and brain swelling.

3. Oxidative stress provides a documented mechanism of RF/MW injury compatible with reported signs and symptoms; sequelae of endothelial dysfunction (yielding blood flow compromise), membrane damage, blood brain barrier disruption, mitochondrial injury, apoptosis, and autoimmune triggering afford downstream mechanisms, of varying persistence, that merit investigation.

These symptoms are the same as the ones mentioned in the 1970s documents about Soviet microwave weapons development. А team of investigators at the CIA’s headquarters in Langley made a conclusion the victims were targeted by a device that could be beamed through walls and windows from up to two miles away.

Reported facts appear consistent with pulsed RF/MW as the source of injury in Cuba diplomats.

Brain injury, white matter abnormalities, and brain swelling have been reported.

Analysis of the Russian Ministry of Defense research institutes’ tender documentation shows that Russia keeps to continue developing and creating high-powered microwave weapons and experiments its impact on the physiological and psychophysical state of the enemy’s manpower.

For instance, research is being conducted by the 12 Central Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense engaged with researching and testing weapon system on their resistance to the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion and impact of electromagnetic fields of natural and technical origin. In addition, the institute performs activity to study the directed energy effect on living organisms. The following purchases prove this very activity: digital fundus camera-based ophthalmological complex, computer appliance for researching behavioral reactions and autodetection of cognitive functions of small laboratory animals, device of psychophysiological testing and psychomotor tests module, and Holter monitor.

Evaluation of animals’ behavioral responses is an integral part of research enabling to identify nervous system and movement disorders of laboratory animals.

By tender 0848100002819000012 the 12 Central Scientific Research Institute bought thermal imaging complex based on medical digital thermographic imager.

The 12 Central Scientific Research Institute purchased laboratory rabbits. However, from 2019 piglets can be found in the purchase lists. It is worth mentioning purchases of restrainers for small laboratory animals. These restrainers are absent in the procurement of other Russian Ministry of Defense institutions conducting researches by using laboratory animals. It may indicate that studies comprise research of destructive effects on living organisms and parallel monitoring of their physiological state changes.


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