Nord Stream 2: Polish, Slovenian PMs call on Germany to withdraw from the project

The Polish and Slovenian prime ministers have called on Germany to pull out of the Russian Nord Stream 2 project, stressing that it destabilises Europe.

The call was made after a meeting between Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Janez Jansa, his Slovenian counterpart, in Warsaw, as reports.

At a joint press conference Morawiecki described Nord Stream 2 as a constant “wound” to Europe, saying that it “must be dealt with in such a way that European solidarity does not suffer.”

The project has faced strong criticism from Poland, other Central European states and the USA.

“There are German voices saying that there is no difference between a molecule of gas flowing through Nord Stream 1 or Nord Stream 2 in the future – hopefully not – and a molecule of gas flowing through Ukraine, Belarus, Poland or Turkey,” Morawiecki said.

But Polish PM has an opinion that there is a difference. It is not about the chemical make-up, but a about political difference, a social difference and (a difference) for the security of Europe.

Morawiecki noted that Nord Stream 2 destabilises Europe and undermines European security.

“We call on Germany to withdraw from that project in order to stop further influence on the factual destabilisation of that part of Europe, because it can be very threatening for the European Union and for many states of the region,” he said.

The two heads of government went on to demand an acceleration in the distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations, saying that pressure on the European Commission and European Council had been very effective as there are now more vaccines available.


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