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Russia sold a different Sputnik to the EU than that one approved in a scientific journal

The Slovak State Institute for Drug Control has studied the Russian Sputnik V vaccine purchased by the previous government and concluded that it is not identical to the one approved by the reputable The Lancet magazine, as reported by the Dennik N.

The State Institute did not adopt a decision to recommend the use of the Russian vaccine, since it does not have sufficient information to do this. That is the common position of the Institute and the Ministry of Health.

It is noted that Slovak inspectors cannot evaluate the vaccine as comprehensively as the European Medicines Agency.

The Institute claims that the vaccine has passed sterility, pyrogenicity, pH, transparency, color, abnormal toxicity, specific activity, visible mechanical impurities, protein concentration, appearance tests.

However, based on the results of these tests only it is impossible to make any conclusion about the effectiveness and safety for people.

The Slovak Institute did not even receive all the production or safety documents required for the assessment.

Another important finding was that the vaccines imported into Slovakia are not completely identical to the vaccine, the results of which were published in the prestigious The Lancet magazine. They are not the same as those used in other countries as well.

So far, the government has relied on this study in its substantiation for purchasing the Russian vaccine.

Following a study of the state institute, the Slovak Ministry of Health turned to another laboratory to test the safety of the vaccine, however the results will be announced later this week.

Earlier Slovakia faced a political crisis after two small parties announced their possible withdrawal from the ruling coalition due to the government’s purchase of 2 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V. Prime Minister Igor Matovich resigned and was replaced by Eduard Heger.

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