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Polish security official: Nord Stream 2 could be used for intelligence purposes

A Polish security official said that the Russian project Nord Stream 2 could be used for clandestine intelligence activities upon completion of its construction.

According to Stanisław Żaryn, head of Poland’s National Security Department, the Russian pipeline poses a security threat to the West, as reported by thefirstnews.com.

Writing for the Defence News portal he specified that Nord Stream 2 will be a threat to the West’s information security. “There is the risk that the pipeline’s infrastructure might be used for intelligence purposes.” – he stressed.

Żaryn, who is also the spokesman for the Polish government’s special services coordinator, made hay of Germany’s statements regarding purely economic nature of Nord Stream 2, and stressed that the infrastructure used to lay it along the Baltic seabed could be used for Russian surveillance systems.

He pointed out that Nato exercises are carried out on regular basis on the Baltic, that, as he specified, was strategically vital as an LNG supply route for those countries which try to ensure independence from Russian gas supplies.

Żaryn noted that the project could also be used as an excuse by Russia to deploy its navy in the Baltic Sea.

More and more European countries consider the Nord Stream 2 as a threat, and appealed to Germany to “approach the matter seriously.”

The Polish security official noted that the US should stick to hard-line stance regarding the pipeline, and work together with other countries opposed to it.

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