NATO, US to stage large-scale military exercises around Serbia until summer

A large-scale military exercise led by the US, NATO and its allies, dubbed Defender-Europe 21, began in mid-March and will last until the second half of June, while most of the activities will unfold in the Balkans and in Serbia’s immediate neighbourhood.

The Balkan Security Network reported on Saturday that the exercise consisted of a series of small-scale tactical manoeuvres and was part of a string of US military manoeuvres to strengthen capacity for the joint performance of military operations and partnerships by the US military and its European allies.

“Defender-Europe 21 brings together some 30,000 soldiers from 27 states who are performing manoeuvres over a large territory. Most of the troops are from the US,” according to the Balkan Security Network.

“One of the goals of the exercise is to move squadron-sized units from stations in the US to a potential battlefield site in Europe. All of the countries in the region, except for Serbia, are taking part in the exercise, including the Kosovo Security Force,” it added.

The Balkans are the main area where the exercise is taking place, while training centres in the Baltic states and Germany will also be used.

Nearly all of the biggest military training centres in the region will be used such as Slunj in Croatia, Manjaca and Glamoc in Bosnia (Republika Srpska), Krivolak in North Macedonia and Bondsteel near Urosevac in Kosovo. A total of 30 military training centres across Europe will be utilised as well.


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