Poland to choose nuclear plant location next year

Poland wants to reduce its dependence on coal as a primary source of electricity production with shifting focus to renewable and nuclear power. Poland’s government has adopted a plan to speed up its move towards clean and nuclear energy. The specified plan provides an increase in wind energy, especially from farms in the Baltic Sea, and the opening of Poland’s first nuclear power plant in 2033.

The climate minister has said Poland is planning to decide the technology for its first nuclear power plant (NPP) in 2021 and to choose its location in 2022.

Speaking to the Polska daily, the Polish politician specified that Warsaw is planning to launch six nuclear units in the period between 2033 and 2043, as reported by

According to Michał Kurtyka, the Polish Baltic coast is “quite a natural choice” to locate a NPP.

He noted that some 20 nuclear units are located within 300 km of Poland, and Europe has a total of 107 of them. After the first amortisation period, they generate cheap and reliable energy.

Recent polls show that over 60 percent of Poles support nuclear energy and may be a part of Poland’s energy mix.

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