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French president: West must help vaccinate Africa’s healthworkers

Last week the Munich Security Conference kicked off Friday as a “special edition” with world leaders attending the annual event virtually because of the pandemic. Among other topics, COVID-19 vaccine was on the agenda too. French president Macron called Europe and the United States to provide immediately up to 5% of their current vaccine supplies to developing countries to resolve a problem of an unprecedented acceleration of global inequality, as reported by eureporter.co.

Addressing the Munich Security Conference French president said the first step is to send 13 million doses to Africa. According to the French leader, it will be enough to vaccinate all its healthworkers.

“If we announce billions today to supply doses in 6 months, 8 months, a year, our friends in Africa will, under justified pressure from their people, buy doses from the Chinese and the Russians,” Macron stressed at the conference. “And the strength of the West will be a concept, and not a reality.”

Macron specified that 13 million doses is 0.43% of all vaccine shots that were ordered by Europe and America.

Group of Seven leaders earlier once again stated their support to the most vulnerable countries.

Oxfam France called the G7 members to bring to a stop the monopoly created by their pharmaceutical companies. The charity considers it to be the fastest and most effective way to thrust forward vaccine production and to resolve the problem of shortage of doses vaccine.

On Thursday the World Health Organization called nations-producers of COVID-19 vaccines not to distribute or provide them unilaterally but to donate them to the global COVAX scheme that aims to ensure a fair distribution of vaccines among all nations, rich and poor. The COVAX scheme is run by the WHO and also involves the Global Vaccine Alliance and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

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