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MoD: Poland is planing to strengthen armed forces

The defence minister of Poland said that country plans to enlarge its armed forces because of the threat posed by Russia.

The Polish government has viewed with alarm Russian military aggression against Georgia and Ukraine, and considers Russia as a major security threat.

Mariusz Blaszczak, the defence minister, noted that the Polish army has already been expanded from the 95,000 troops in 2015. It is that year Law and Justice (PiS), Poland’s governing party, took office, as reported by thefirstnews.com.

According to the Polish defence minister, the military threat is real. “We have to keep in mind Russia’s aggression against Georgia and Ukraine. This is the reason why we have been modernising the Polish armed forces, increasing their strength and cooperating with the world’s largest army, namely, the US Army, in order to deter a potential aggressor.”

The minister also said about good results of talks with the new the U.S. Defence Secretary Llyod Austin. “We have confirmed plans to strengthen defence cooperation. I have been invited to the Pentagon, and Lloyd Austin has accepted my invitation to visit Poland,” Blaszczak added.

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