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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube may be banned in Russia

There is a possibility of blocking internet-based platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in Russia. Russian lawmakers are considering a possibility to allow regulators to block social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube if the regulators are of view that the platforms have been censoring the content posted by Russian citizens, according to some reports. A law draft regarding this issue has been passed in the lower house of the Russian parliament. According to the parliament statement, the authorities would receive the power to target internet-based platforms upon finding them to be limiting information based on language as well as nationality.

Russian State Duma specified that websites considered to be discriminating against Russian media’s content would also be under the ban. This decision has become the result of some complaints lodged by the Russian media this year that their accounts were target of censorship by Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It worth mentioning all these platforms are US-based companies. Notably, earlier in 2020, the tech giants based in the US had introduced labels to identify media outlets affiliated with their respective governments.

Passed by the lower house, it will be presented for consideration of the upper house. Then it requires Vladimir Putin signature to become a law.

Kremlin has rushed to take under control the Russian content on the internet in recent years under the guise of “combating online extremism”.

Last week, Google was fined by a court in Moscow, since the search engine giant did not take down online content that had been banned by the authorities in Russia.

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