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German utility pauses water supply for Tesla over unpaid bills

A German utility company says it has shut down the pipes supplying Tesla with water for the construction of a factory near Berlin because the automaker hasn’t paid its bills.

A spokeswoman for the company WSE said Thursday that Tesla was given repeated warnings its water supply would be turned off.

“The 14-day notice period has expired,” Sandra Ponesky told. “We can’t treat Tesla any differently than other customers.”

Tesla is building its first European factory outside the German capital and aims to eventually build 500,000 electric vehicles there.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the lack of water would affect construction work at the site in Gruenheide, which has been taking place at breakneck speed.

Tesla didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ponesky said that as soon as the company pays its bills, a worker would be sent out to turn the tap back on again. She declined to say how much Tesla owes.

The source: Euronews

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