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Putin’s speech at U.N. General Assembly meeting – some important points on Russian vision of future of the world

UN General Assembly and annual speeches of world leaders made solid impact on geopolitical processes. For Russian president Vladimir Putin it was the chance to change the long-time confrontation with the West, to set up new tone in these relations. At least he had chance to persuade other leaders presented at this meeting that Russia has enough good will to re-establish its international policy. But Vladimir Putin did not manage to deliver the message he expected he would send at the September United Nations General Assembly meeting.

This is a far cry from his stated plans, whereby 2020 would serve as a time of glory for Russia, celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of Moscow’s role in the victory in World War II, which became the reality thanks to the allied powers – the US and European countries. The role of allies has been always underestimated in all speeches of Putin, who is in rush to re-establish the glory of Russia, is using the victory he has nothing to do with.

Russian President has stated that the economic challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have indicated the need of another view for “illegitimate sanctions”. Putin offered to get rid of them to promote free economy market.

The mentioned sanctions can be also referred to those ones, which were imposed against Russia because of its aggression against Ukraine, crucial violations of civil rights, attempted murders of opposition leaders committed by Russian intelligence (it is worth mentioning Alexey Navalny case, whose poisoning is just perfect example of Kremlin pressure against any democratic intentions of Russian politicians and social leaders).

The UN speech of Putin remains important for understanding of his state of mind and Russian strategy of hybrid war which is primarily aimed to ruin the unity of the EU, to produce and to share fakes, to combine soft power of digital technologies and cultural partnership with using military force.

In particular, Putin touched upon the role of the UN Security Council, which he said should show more equality towards the interests of all countries presented in this institution.

“Our thinking is that the UN Security Council should be more inclusive of the interests of all countries as well as of the diversity of their positions, base its work on the principle of the broadest possible consensus among the states and at the same time continue to serve as the cornerstone of global governance […],” the Russian president underscored.

Separately, Putin focused on Russia’s idea of developing a greater partnership within Eurasia, which he said is becoming extremely relevant in responding to emerging challenges and crises in order to ensure the global economic growth.

“This very idea of qualitative integrative growth, the ‘integration of integrations’, is the one behind Russia’s initiative to form a Greater Eurasian Partnership involving all Asian and European countries without exception. It is purely pragmatic and increasingly relevant,” he added.

The UN speech of Putin has shown the world that Russia is not ready for compromises and Russian president’s calls for peace and cooperation are rather hypocrisy than real intention to overcome current geopolitical problems.

Source: globaltimes

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