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Radicals attacked Czech Embassy in Moscow after the monument of Soviet Marshal in Prague was taken away

On April 3 bronze monument of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev was removed from its podium in Prague 6 district. The decision was approved in September 2019 when the local council voted for replacement of the statue with a memorial to the liberation of Prague in 1945. The monument of Ivan Konev will be moved to a Museum of the 20th Century Memory.

Ivan Konev is known for leading Soviet forces and liberating Prague from the Nazis in 1945. However, the biography of Marshal is controversial: he was involved in suppressing the Hungarian revolution in 1956, building the Berliner Wall and taking part in planning the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The monument has been repeatedly attacked with red paint and, last time at the end of August 2019.

After the statue was taken away Russian Embassy in Czech Republic expressed its anger. The Embassy called the decision of Prague city council “an act of reprisal against the monument”, as well mentioned that “a lot” of Czech citizens “condemn the act of municipal vandalism”.

On Sunday, April 5, several radicals in masks attacked Czech Embassy in Moscow. They threw smoke bombs and attached a flag “Stop Fascism” to the building’s gates. A group called Other Russia claimed the responsibility for the action and said that it was “a response to the Czech authorities, who on Friday removed the monument of Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague”. The members of the group belonged to National Bolshevik party which was banned in 2007.

On April 6 Czech Embassy in Moscow sent official note to the Russian Foreign Ministry where called Russian authorities to take measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

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