Coronavirus Rates in Russia Beat Official Statistics

On Wednesday in the wake of coronavirus spread Putin made an announcement in which he called Russians not to go for a work next week and stay at home. The president assured citizens that salaries will be paid properly. In the announcement Putin said that referendum, previously scheduled on the 22nd of April, is postponed for an indefinite period of time. He also asked people to come and vote on such “crucial for the country, the society” issue – constitutional amendments that will allow Putin to stay in power after his current authority as a president ends.

According to Russian official statistic on the coronavirus disease, there are 840 confirmed cases for today. In Russia only “Vector”, a Novosibirsk  laboratory, provides such tests, however, it sends the results of analysis with considerable delay – of about a week. In some instances patients do not receive them at all. There is no confidence in infection rates in Russia as well as in quality of tests. According to Putin statement made for Russian official media source, about 122 000 people remain under observation of medics.

After the meeting held by the Russian government on the 25th of March on the issue of the pandemic it was decided to cancel all flights abroad as well as flights to Russia, except those that provide transportation of Russian citizens back home. The government informed that after Russian citizens are brought home, they are obliged to self-quarantine during 14 days.

While China, where the virus cases reached 81869, and the European countries, where COVID-19 is spreading now dramatically, forbid all public activities, and leading world companies and organizations provide conferences online in order to avoid more coronavirus spread, Russian government “recommended” it’s citizens to close entertainment establishments and work from home if it is possible.

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