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Russian justice supports Putin’s stay in power

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has authorized some amendments, providing the current Russian leader the chance to keep his reign until 2036.

The endorsement emerged two days after Putin approved a reform bill, which opposition representatives have criticized, stating it is going to enable V.Putin to retain power for years. Putin, 67, launched an upgrade of the Russian Constitution in January which the Kremlin cast as a redistribution of powers from the presidency to Parliament. He made an appearance in Parliament to support a new amendment that might enable him to disregard a constitutional prohibit demanding him to stand down in 2024.

Such step, which must still be put to a nationwide vote due next month, raises a prospect of Putin serving another two six-year terms after 2024, although the Kremlin points out that the president has not yet said his “yes”.

It worth saying the Russian constitution provides a president two successive terms in power, that means Putin would be required to terminate his service in 4 years.

The Constitutional Court’s approval was provided in a 52-page decision on its website on Monday. Putin’s allies have backed it.

The head of the upper house Federation Council stated Putin had got up Russia off knees, while some others stated he was the innovator needed in difficult periods.

But, the president’s pundits, including the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, consider Putin was beating a path for another 12-years terms in power.

The opposition has tried to call for mass protests against Poutin’s plan but currently gatherings of more than 5,000 people are prohibited in Moscow over COVID-19 fears. The situation in the world changes every day.

Over 18,000 Russians signed a petition qualifying the constitutional change as politically undesirable”.

“We feel the danger of a serious constitutional crisis as well as an unlawful anti-constitutional coup … is holding over our state,” the specified petition, approved by well known journalists, experts, newspaper writers and ordinary people stated.

The abovementioned reforms also enshrine a reference to Russians’ “faith in God and establish that matrimony is really a union between a man and woman, successfully prohibiting gay weddings.

Some social reforms are also to be integrated as well, and this includes a minimum salary that ought not to be underneath the subsistence levels and state pensions regularly modified to rising cost of living.

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