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US elections: facts say for Russia’s involvement

The forthcoming presidential elections in the United States fall again under the close scrutiny of Russia. At least, reports issued by US authorities, especially the Department of Homeland Security, the F.B.I., and the C.I.A. mention that the Russian objectives have remained the same, while the interference techniques have changed.

One of such a strategy is intruding into the Iranian cyberoffence units making it possible to initiate attacks which looks like if they originate in Iran, which as it stated before was also minded to mess with the American electoral process. Another one is putting most part of attack operations on computer servers in the United States, where the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies – but not the F.B.I. and homeland security -€” are prohibited from operating.

The tactics of Russia is making from the American elections no more sense than that is from Russian ones. The Russian President seeks the options to make the US democracy as weak as possible.

Strange as it may seem, according to the U.S. nation’€™s intelligence agencies, Putin is striving to get Trump’€™s reelection while the evidence exist that Senator Bernie Sanders is the Russian President’€™s choice among Democrats. Both candidates represent quite diverged positions in their parties, both are supported by the voters who refer to their passion rather than to political sustainability, which make them a good target for sophisticated techniques of hackers and trolls stirring up disintegration in US society.

These choice preference may be explained quite easy: both candidates have too little in common, but both are strongly focused on the internal policy and have little interest in Putin’€™s military and nuclear adventures. No one would pursue policies that encumber Putin€’s plan to restore Moscow’€™s influence around the world, from the former Soviet states to the Middle East.

Meanwhile Kremlin, by taking advantage from discrepancies in U.S. society put at risk possible lifting sanctions from Russia. Irrelevant of the elected candidature the main Putin’€™s purpose to compel US and their allies seems to have failed, moreover, Russia’€™s active part in US elections may lead to the new energetic sanctions. However Putin seems to be less than worried of sanctions, considering them quite a low price for the possibility to defeat his geopolitical competitor.

Though Russia as usual claims this is all an American fantasy, now American intelligence agencies has to answer question: How do they warn Congress and Americans, at a moment when the president is declaring that the intelligence on Russian election meddling is “€œanother misinformation campaign”€ that is “launched by Democrats in Congress”€?

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