Trump offers India “a most feared military equipment” on planet

US president attends 110,000-strong rally at in Ahmedabad with Indian PM Narendra Modi

US president Donald Trump called for India to strengthen its strategic ties with America at a massive rally to kick off a two-day visit to the south Asian country, against the backdrop of growing frictions with New Delhi over trade protectionism.

India will sign a deal to buy $3 billion (€2.76 billion) worth of US-made advanced naval helicopters, Mr Trump announced, as he urged India to look to the US as its “premier defence partner”€.

“€œThe US looks forward to providing India with some of the best, most feared military equipment on the planet,”€ the president told India’s prime minister Narendra Modi and the estimated 110,000 Indians at the rally in the world’€™s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, the heartland of Mr Modi’€™s political base, in the western state of Gujarat.

Washington is actively cultivating ties with India as a counterweight to an increasingly assertive China. In his speech, Mr Trump called on India to help ensure “a free and open Indo-Pacific for our children and for generations to come”.

While he did not mention China by name, the US president also lauded India as “€œa nation that rises by setting its people free, and unleashing them to chase their dreams”€ in contrast to “€œa nation that seeks power through coercion, intimidation and aggression”€.

Source: The Irish Times

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