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Pro-Russian demarche of PACE member

Ukraine has returned to PACE. One of the reasons for that comeback was the necessity to oppose the aggressive strategy of Russia in general and inside PACE in particular. Returning its delegation back to PACE, Ukraine is going to use all international law instruments to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The necessity of such decision of Ukraine was predetermined by the assertive actions of some pro-Russian supporters in PACE, in particular, the representatives of German right-wing “AfD”€ (Alternative for Germany) party.

Ulrich Oehme, the AfG member of Bundestag and PACE member from Germany took meeting with the representatives of “€œhigh government”€ of the so-called “€œLPR/DPR”€ Natalia Nikonorova, Vladislav Deinego and Rodion Miroshnik. As a result of the meeting, Mr. Oehme made statement about the need to involve the representatives of separatist republics into the negotiations under the Normandy format and that statement was rapidly shared by Russian propaganda medias (RT, 1st channel, Komsomolskaya Pravda etc.). Likewise, it was represented as the official position of the PACE.

Is that true indeed?

If we make quick review of the situation above, we can state that the meeting of Ulrich Oehme and the representatives of unrecognized “DPR/LPR”€ is nothing but the element of Russian hybrid war, another provocation, which gives Kremlin propagandists perfect cause to boost the media campaign, the main target of which is legalization of unrecognized formations in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
If we check the situation more carefully, it becomes clear that AfG member of Bundestag Mr. Oehme had no authority granted by Bundestag or by German federal government to set up the offer to include “€œDPR/LPR”€ representatives in negotiations under Normandy format. This offer is nonsense simply because that format includes real countries, while “€œDPR/LPR”€ are not recognised as countries in terms of international law. Due to the international law it is temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. Therefore, Mr. Oehme met not the legal representatives of the republics, but the persons who are wanted by Ukraine, being charged with multiple crimes. Ulrich Oehme, PACE member from Germany had no authority to make any statements on behalf of PACE, making offers to the highly suspicious persons to take part in negotiations, which have nothing to do with PACE.

In this regard the meeting of U. Oehme and representatives of “€œDPR/LPR”€ and his statement about their alleged involvement into negotiations under Normandy format can be treated as discredit of Normandy format and position of official Berlin in particular. It is very disappointing that the member of German parliament makes the statements in favor of Russia, especially since Russia is a part of military conflict in Donbas, according to ex-chairman of the OSCE Martin Sajdik.

It is worth mentioning that scandalous offer of Ulrich Oehme met active support of the Russian Council of Federation members. In the light of propaganda rhetorics and pure manipulations in favor of Russia the only one question remained is whether Ulrich Oehme is a Bundestag member or he is a member of the Russian Council of Federation.

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