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Hypocrisy and double standards of the Nord Stream 2 project

Hypocritical — that is the word that suits the best to the situation around the construction of long discussed and controversial Nord Stream 2 project. In the age of solar systems and biofuel the new gas monster which run across the Europe seems inexpedient and unwise, while due to existing alternatives it appears also untimely. Likewise, all the narratives about gas advantages over coal do not stand up to criticism. One way or another, the only fact of developing the Nord Stream 2 project means contribution to the old, environmentally hazardous hydrocarbon projects instead of the new energy renewable ones.

This project may be recognized hypocritical also for another reason – that is the new pipeline would become the source of income for the Putin’s regime, which would be spent for the repressions within the state, propaganda machine and military ventures. Notwithstanding these facts, Europeans support the project, that is, keep cooperation with Putin’s regime.

While Russia exports gas to Germany, it shorten gas supply for their internal use. While Germany reports the closure of coal mines and departure from the climate-hazardous coal, Putin was delighted to inform about plans to increase coal production. That creates a form of modern colonialism.

But primarily the Nord Stream 2 project explicitly violates the constitutional rights of the Russian citizens to a favorable environment.

The pipeline route, which was chosen, is the most environmentally destructive. Scientists from the Komarov Botanical Institute studied the consequences of the pipeline construction and found that the whole ecosystems were destroyed, including relict dunes, thousands of rare Red Book plants were annihilated, while the Red Book white-tailed eagle, whose nest was nearby the pipeline, left its nest. They barbarously dug a 4 km long and 60-85 meters wide trench through a protected national park full of rare birds and plants, annihilating the mice and man in this devitalised territory.

It is really annoying that for the sake of Nord Stream-2 construction, Russian legislation was changed to make it possible to lay the pipeline through the Kurgalsky nature reserve. Nord Stream 2 AG, which implements the project, held secret negotiations with the Russian government and Gazprom corp., which resulted in felonious agreement to amend the laws of the Russian Federation. This criminal conspiracy became known folowing the investigation of Greenpeace Austria.

This conspiracy not only violates crudely the Constitution of the Russian Federation, but also creates a dangerous precedent: any nature reserve on the whole territory of Russia is under threat now.

The policy of double standards is also irritating. For example, Nord Stream 2 AG applied another technology in Germany, where they used microtunnels to lay the pipeline under the ground, which was much more expensive though their soils are far less valuable in ecological terms. However, they decided to reduce the expenditures on the Russian part by laying the pipeline simply on the ground, devastating the most valuable ecosystems.

The Nord Stream-2 also crudely violates the rights of the indigenous nations of Russia. For example, constructors failed to inform Finno-Ugric indigenous nation living nearby the Kurgalsky nature reserve of public hearings on the construction of the pipeline. Another example, in Yamal local reindeer herders were deprived of their pastures in order to develop gas production site for Nord Stream-2.

The only way to put the end to Nord Stream project is to force the European Union to follow their own law. The Nord Stream-2 project crudely violates the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention). Nord Stream 2 AG provided false information to the Espoo, hiding the true value of the Kurgalsky nature reserve. The project violates both the Ramsar Convention and the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals acceded by Germany. If the European Union commits to its own conventions, such projects as Nord Stream-2 would be impossible.

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