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Tear gas sprayed in Montenegrin parliament building

Tear gas was sprayed during a meeting of the Montenegrin parliament discussing the adoption of the law on religious freedom, TASS reported referring to the RTCG.

The gas was reportedly sprayed after the ruling coalition voted to pass the bill on religious freedom to the final vote unchanged.

Opposition leader Andrija Mandic called on the parliamentary speaker to adjourn the meeting and allow deputies to discuss all proposals for the bill. Speaker refused to postpone the meeting the next day and consider each amendment to the bill separately. Instead, he voted on three amendments, which were not adopted by a majority vote. After that, the parliamentary meeting was adjourned for a break for technical reasons, the deputies left the hall.

Earlier, the president of Montenegro, Milo Dukanovic, accused the Serbian Orthodox Church of trying to maintain a religious monopoly in the country and said it would seek autocephaly for the Montenegrin church following Ukraine. 


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