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Germany expels Russian diplomats after murder in Berlin

German prosecutors have said there is enough evidence to suggest that Russia or Chechnya ordered the murder of a Georgian man in Berlin. Two Russian embassy workers have also been expelled.

German prosecutors announced on Wednesday that they were taking over investigations into the murder of a Chechen asylum-seeker in Berlin, confirming reports.

With Berlin’s attorney general saying evidence points to Russia being behind the murder, pressure is likely to mount on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to send a signal to Moscow.

What we know so far: 

  • In a statement, prosecutors said there is “sufficient evidence” to indicate that the man’s murder was carried out on the behalf of the Russian state or by Chechnya.
  • The Foreign Office also announced that two workers at Russia’s embassy in Berlin had been expelled.
  • Russia’s foreign ministry vowed to respond in kind, Russian media reported.

Suspicions from beginning: In late August, 40-year-old Zelimkhan Khangoshvili was shot in an “execution-style” killing in a park in Berlin. The suspect in the case, a 49-year-old Russian national, carried out the drive-by shooting on a bicycle in broad daylight. The killing drew suspicion of Russian involvement from the beginning, although Moscow had denied any involvement.


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