China’s Belt and Road project to be supported by Italy

The Belt and Road Initiative, a project designed to link China and Europe, Africa and Asia, pursues trade and infrastructure purposes through construction of a number of new Beijing-funded ports, railroads and roads along land and sea trade corridors.

Dozens of states have joined the project, particularly Pakistan and Malaysia though such great neighbouring economic power as India is still relustant as of access to the initiative.

However some of the states are still sceptic as of the outcomes of the project. Thus, the US declare it would bring debt burden rather than economic benefit for the developing states. Moreover, China develops their competitive ability and stregthens their economic and political position usinf this project.

Doubts as of the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative are shared even by its current member, Malaysia. Italy’s interest in project endorsement is considered by the China side as logical continuation of ancient Silk Road links and incentive for thregthening of relations with EU generally.

In its turn, Italy hopes to increase export volume of Italy products to China as one of the most prospective markets in the world.

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